Winding Type Vertical Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

Winding Type Vertical Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

Merchandise Description:
Asynchronous Motor, also identified as induction motor, is an AC motor that generates electromagnetic torque by the interaction of air hole rotating magnetic subject and induction current of rotor winding, as a result acknowledging the conversion of mechanical and electrical vitality into mechanical strength.

Three-stage Asynchronous motor is mostly utilized as motor to drive different generation equipment, this sort of as enthusiast, pump, compressor, device tool, mild market and mining equipment, thresher and crusher in agricultural generation, processing machinery in agricultural by-goods and so on. The utility product has the benefits of simple framework, simple manufacture, low cost, reliable operation, durability, large operation effectiveness and applicable operating traits.

Product Name Winding sort vertical three phase asynchronous motor
Motor Kind DC Motor,AC Motor,Stepper Motor,Asynchronous Motor ,Synchronous Motor
(CZPT equipment)
Grade Y, YKS, YKK
Seat quantity H355-H1120
electrical power 220~18000Kw
series 2-24
Voltage 690~15000V
frequency 50HZ, 60HZ
Safety grade IP23,IP44,IP54,IP55
Cooling IC01,IC611,IC616,IC81W, IC86W
Rotational Speed

Reduced Pace/Continual Velocity/Substantial Speed/Modify Pace

Stator Stage Variety

A few-Section/Single-Stage

Grade Kind

Y,Y2 Series Three-Phase,YS Series Three-Period,Explosion-Evidence Three-Period,YVP Sequence Frequency

Attribute one.Modest lightweight.
two.It is easy to attain large speed rotation of a lot more than ten 000r/min.
3.Substantial velocity and lower torque, substantial effectiveness.
four.Low pace has substantial torque and extensive pace control variety.
5.Substantial reliability (sturdy).
six.The producing expense is low.
7.Simplification of control gadgets.
Application Asynchronous Motor is primarily used as motor. Its power assortment is from a number of kilowatts to tens of 1000’s of kilowatts. It is the most extensively utilised motor in numerous industries of nationwide economic climate and people’s day-to-day life. It gives electricity for a variety of mechanical equipment and family appliances. For instance, machine resources, tiny and medium-sized steel rolling tools, supporters, pumps, mild industrial equipment, metallurgical and mining equipment are primarily driven by three-period asynchronous motors, even though one-section asynchronous motors are broadly employed in household appliances this sort of as enthusiasts, washing devices, fridges and air conditioners. Asynchronous motors can also be utilised as turbines for wind electrical power crops and little hydropower stations.


Winding Type Vertical Three Phase Asynchronous Motor