Multi-Layer Intelligent Module Unit Design Fine Tolerances Tunnel Oven

Multi-Layer Intelligent Module Unit Design Fine Tolerances Tunnel Oven

conveyor oven
 is a oven uses a conveyor or belt to carry process components or substance through the primary heating chamber for rapid thermal processing. It is designed for rapidly drying and curing of merchandise and is these days widely employed. Normally a conveyor oven adopts a tunnel structure and is composed of numerous managed zones. A conveyor furnace also features fast thermal responses, uniform and stable temperature distribution it can warmth treated parts to 800 deg. C. (might differ for various product). Belt pace of a conveyor oven can be modified to fulfill client needs. In accordance to different baking time specifications of numerous products, intelligent management method can be applied by way of PLC clever control method. Drive frequency conversion speed regulation, can understand stepless velocity change. And can prestore much more than 15 teams of parameters, accomplish computerized operation.

 suitable for baking chemical gas and food processing business to bake goods, substrate anxiety elimination, ink curing, paint movie drying, etc. Broadly used in electronics, electrical, composite,communications, electroplating, plastic, metallic chemical, foodstuff, printing, pharmaceutical, Personal computer board, powder, immersion, spraying, glass, ceramics, wood building materials…… And so on the precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, shaping, processing and so on.

Inner measurement:L4000*H200*W550mm
Outer dimensions:L6000*H1410*W950mm
Functioning space transportation peak:850mm
Each and every part measurement:L2000*H1410*W950mm
Heating supply:electric powered
Temperature range:indoor-+250
Temperatue uniformity:≤±5ºC(cost-free load)
Speed of conveyor belt:three-6M/m

Qualities of the tools
one,Style according to the proportion of human engineering, simple operation, contemporary appearance.
two,Argon Arc total Welding of all stainless Steel in Inner to stop dust from the equipment alone.
3,Exclusive air-duct design to make sure the temperature inside is uniformity
four,First-course technology of heat &thermal insulation, sealing result is outstanding.
5,CZPT over-temperature protection, safer and more dependable.
six,Heating up quick, and the temperature is stable and accurate.
seven,The shell temperature is low, which has little impact on the indoor atmosphere temperature.
eight,According to the solution set up a variety of heating and air manner, power preserving, protection and environmental defense.
nine,Module layout:Each area manipulation and operation in flexible independently can be CZPT.
ten,Colours can be CZPT base on colour card.

CZPT Parameters of CZPT Oven
Sort Widespread Cleanse Ending Treatment Explosion-Evidence Vacuum
 Temperature selection -250ºC -350ºC -550ºC -700ºC 700ºC
Temperature Homogeneity ±1ºC ±3ºC ±5ºC ±1.5%ºC  
Heating Charge <=5ºC/min <=8ºC/min <=10ºC/min 10ºC/min  
Vitality Type electrical Fuel Steam Air Vitality Other
Heating Manner CZPT  Infrared  Other    
Chamber Single Twin A few Other  
Sheathing Content Cold Drawing Spray-Paint Stainless S
Chamber Content Stainless S
teel 201
Stainless S
teel 304
Galvanized Sheet Other  
Heat Insulating Materials Aluminosilicate Rock Wool Insulating Fibre-Board Firebrick Other  
Air Transportation Manner Left and  Correct Up and Down Front and Behind  Symmetrical Left and  Correct  
Air Motor Place Leading bottom Hindside Sidepiece Other
Variety of Explosion-evidence CZPTs One Two Other    
Handbook door One CZPT CZPT CZPT 3 CZPTs Other  
Automatic CZPT Revolution doorway Facet Sliding CZPT Raise door Roll-Up CZPT Other
Cart Sort CZPT-Deck Cart Motor-Trolley Landing Cart Automatic Trolley Other
 Power Manage SSR SCR Other    
Control Mode Instrument Manage HMI Management Community Manage Other  
Timing Mode Manual  Automated Other    
Protection Security Operate Overtemperature   Overload  Period Sequence   Earth Leakage Security Other
Detection Purpose Temperature Thickness Flame Pressure Other

Graphic wind circulation:

Single-sided source air variety CZPT-face variety CZPT-confront blast with explosion-evidence Thermal growing variety
Thermal increasing variety Thermal radiation sort Scorching air radiation Scorching air radiation

Multi-Layer Intelligent Module Unit Design Fine Tolerances Tunnel Oven