High Progress Automatic TPU Power Cable Building Cable Pulling Machine, Puller

High Progress Automatic TPU Power Cable Building Cable Pulling Machine, Puller

High Development Automatic TPU Power Cable/Building Cable Pulling Machine, Puller

I.Equipment Application:
Mainly utilized for a variety of cable production lines for one device or entrance and rear double traction.

one. The complete frame is made of high-good quality steel plate soon after bending and splicing, and the visual appeal is novel.
two. The gear adopts the motor-transmission gearbox, a reduction gearbox, and a difficult generate construction of the upper and decrease helical gears, a crawler wheel, steady transmission, massive carrying capacity and handy routine maintenance.
3. The whole sequence has much more than ten technical specs of 200kg-15000kg, and there are two varieties of speed regulation constructions of Z4 DC motor or variable-frequency motor for end users to choose.
four. With electronic meter, it can display the line velocity and meter size in time.
5. It is equipped with a floor shaft transmission construction for consumers to use in cable, armor, copper tape shielding and winding manufacturing traces.
6. The rigidity tractor adopts magnetic powder pressure manage, which is employed for the traction of the insulation and sheath extrusion production line. The rigidity is instantaneously adjustable, preventing the abrasion of the cable in the sink soon after the extrusion, and effectively fixing the synchronization difficulty. And the result of uneven rigidity on the wire diameter.
7. The little tractor has an overall transferring or higher frame transferring framework, which is practical for end users to use in unique procedures and properly enhance the repeated service daily life of the track

Device specifics


III.CZPT Parameter

Product Sort 200 Type 300 Sort 500 Type 800 Sort 1250 Type 1600 Sort 2000
Cable through the outer diameter(mm) 2~20 5~25 5~forty 8~60 10~eighty 15~100 20~a hundred and twenty
Max. traction power(kg) 200 three hundred 500 800 1250 1600 2000
Pace(m/min) one hundred fifty one hundred fifty a hundred 100 80 80 sixty
Track contact duration(mm) 520 620 750 1200 1500 1900 2100
Track width(mm) 70 70 80 one hundred 120 120 135
Quantity of cylinder(pair) three three 3 5 5 six seven
Motor electricity(kw) three 4 5.5 seven.5 seven.five 11 11
Motor pace(rpm) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Centre peak(mm) one thousand 1000 1000 1000 one thousand a thousand 1000
All round dimension (LxWxH) 1450x720x1500 1500x720x1500 1800x1000x1600 2500x1150x1650 2750x1150x1700 3100x1150x1700 3450x1200x1750

Model Variety 2500 Sort 3200 Variety 4000 Sort 5000 Sort 6000 Sort ten thousand Sort 15000
Cable via the outer diameter(mm) twenty~a hundred thirty twenty five~150 30~a hundred and eighty 50~two hundred sixty~two hundred eighty~three hundred eighty~300
Max. traction drive(kg) 2500 3200 4000 5000 6000 ten thousand 15000
Pace(m/min) 60 45 40 thirty 25 twenty five twenty
Monitor speak to size(mm) 2400 2700 2900 3250 3600 4800 5000
Keep track of width(mm) a hundred and forty a hundred forty five a hundred sixty five one hundred sixty five one hundred seventy 240 180x2articale/90x2articale
Quantity of cylinder(pair) 8 nine 9 ten 11 fourteen fourteen+14
Motor electrical power(kw) fifteen 15 eighteen.five 22 thirty 37 fifty five
Motor speed(rpm) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Heart top(mm) a thousand 1000 a thousand one thousand one thousand a thousand a thousand
All round dimension (LxWxH) 3800x1200x1750 4500x1280x1820 4600x1300x1900 5000x1350x1950 5350x1400x1950 7400x1630x2100 7500x2800x2200

IV. Relevant Tools
Cable extrusion device
The device comfy soft PVC, such as poly(PVC by scorching press strategy to be extruded insulation wire core)
B.CZPT parameter


Variety & Size Screw Dia. (mm) L/D ratio Screw speed (rpm) Primary motor (kw) Barrel heating energy (kw) Temp. contr. zones (human body/cross head) Max. output ability (PVC) (kg/h)
SJ30X25 20 25:one 5-one hundred fifty eleven three.6 3/two 20
SJ45X25 forty five twenty five:1 ten-a hundred and twenty 15 nine 3/2 fifty
SJ65X25 65 twenty five:one 10-one hundred thirty 16 4/four 120
SJ90X25 90 twenty five:1 10-100 ninety 30 4/four 280
SJ120X25 one hundred twenty 25:one seven-sixty eight 132 54 six/4 580
SJ150X25 one hundred fifty twenty five:1 6-sixty 185 88 6/4 880
SJ200X25 200 25:one 4-forty 250 140 7/four 1100

Cable just take-up and spend-off machine
Largely utilized for winding different signal cables and optical cables.

Cable strander

V. Deal

VI. Firm profile
HangCZPT Longterm Cable CZPT Co., Ltd is a collection of scientific analysis and growth and creation of wire and cable products and a selection of successful vitality-preserving extrusion production line of essential enterprises, so significantly, the main solution like wire and cable Insulation and Sheathing generation Line, TQD sequence Pneumatic Sort belt CZPT, LF sequence Portal Sort Spend-off, LSP sequence Portal Variety Get-up, Numerous Wire Accumulator, Capstan Haul-off, Pay-off & Get-up, Cooling Drinking water Trough, and Optical Fiber Tools, Communication Cable Tools, Signal Cable Gear.
Our organization has a technical administration staff who engages wire and cable products industrial more than 20 a long time, as effectively as seasoned engineer and experienced staff, our truthful organization reputation and great product sales accomplishment, earn the trust from our domestic and overseas clients, the merchandise are exported to United States, France, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Zambia, Egypt, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, etc.
Manufacturing facility present

Our Group

CZPTer visiting

Cable extrusion production line in the Usa


− Q: Are you the company or investing organization?

     A: We are the manufacturer. We have a team of extremely competent engineers and experts, who have been doing work in the field of OFC products for more than 10 several years.

− Q: What is your company’s primary production?

     A: We specialised in optical fiber and optical cable device exploring and manufacturing. Our products contain Optical fiber coloring and rewinding machine sequence, Optical fiber secondary coating line collection, Optical cable stranding line, Optical fiber cable sheathing line sequence and other optical cable gear.

− Q: What can we supply our consumers?

     A: Our specialist manufacturing and specialized staff can train our customers’ staff and make certain the sleek creation of consumers. And will offer our customers with following-revenue services.

− Q: How extended is the device warranty?

     A: Warranty period of one yr (because the completion of mechanical debugging at the buyer’s manufacturing unit)

− Q: Why do I decide on your organization?
     A: We have more than 10 years of skilled expertise in the manufacturing of cable equipment, providing large-good quality, large-protection items.

         We have an experienced crew of experienced employees and engineers.

         We can assistance abroad instruction engineers.

         We can customize the style, to settle for the customer’s sample design and style.

         We can supply consumers with soon after-product sales services.

Some queries about the TQD-2500KG Crawler-type Pneumatic Puller from our customer
-Q:How is the belt stress modified? Can this be done during manufacturing?
A:The two belts of the puller are controlled by two sets of upper and decrease cylinders respectively. The upper and reduced sets of cylinders are managed by pressure gauge and pressure regulator on the panel to control the pressure.
The lateral stress of the belt is tensioned by a massive cylinder by way of rocker arm.
Air force can be modified online with an air storage bag

-Q: Are the belts driven at each ends or with only (1 pulley push the leading and a single pulley drives the bottom)?
There are 4 traction wheels, two on the still left are energetic traction wheels, and two on the proper are passive traction wheels.
Two energetic traction wheels are driven by a set of helical gears

Allow us to make a quotation for you. pls kindly revert to us for the underneath info:

 1. How numerous kgs/meters to extrusion for each hour?
 2. Reel/Flange Diameter, we need to have to quote appropriate just take-up and pay off device
 3. Could you you should deliver us a photograph of your cable composition?
 4. Extrusion substance, I suggest cable sheath materials? Cable sheath thickness?
 5.Cable size?
 6.Cable pulling velocity?

High Progress Automatic TPU Power Cable Building Cable Pulling Machine, Puller