Coil Casing Motor for Commercial Air-Idu

Coil Casing Motor for Commercial Air-Idu

Production Description:
1. Stator dimension is optional
two. Protected, dependable, lower sound, great commencing, lengthy lifestyle
three. Strong electricity
4.Rated voltage 110~120V/220~240V-50/60Hz
five.Temperature:-10ºC ~50ºC


★Low Sounds ★Low Vibration
★Low Expense) ★High Dependability
★High Effectiveness ★Optimization
★Compatibility ★CZPTize

Rated Traits:

Time : ongoing    Insulation : E class

Variety Voltage Output Electricity Speed Torque
DAI242P 140VDC 52W 1500rpm .331 N-m 3.38 kg-cm
DAI239P 140VDC 38W 1570rpm .23 N-m 2.36 kg-cm
310VDC 7W 1400rpm .05 N-m .forty six kg-cm
310VDC 28W 1200rpm .22 N-m 2.29 kg-cm
DAI255P 310VDC 45W 1400rpm .31 N-m 3.13 kg-cm
310VDC 47W 1100rpm .41 N-m 4.sixteen kg-cm
310VDC 50W 920rpm .52 N-m 5.29 kg-cm
310VDC 63.5W 700rpm .87 N-m eight.eighty four kg-cm
DAI259P 310VDC sixty three.5W 700rpm .87 N-m eight.84 kg-cm

Driver and Controller:

Introduction and Parameters:


Coil Casing Motor for Commercial Air-Idu