1000-8000mm HDPE Plastic Sheet Production Machine

1000-8000mm HDPE Plastic Sheet Production Machine

THIS LINE Is composed OF: 
1) XAL-8002G Vacuum Feeding Device one set 
two) Dryer Hopper 500kg capability 1 set 
3) SJ-one hundred twenty/33 Higher performance single screw extruder with DC motor 160kw, 1 set 
four) CZPT Exchaning unit one set 
five) T-sort die head, JC-occasions model 1 set 
six) 3 Roller calendar with diameter 450mm 1 set 
seven) Temperature controller for calendaring method 1 set 
eight) Cooling frame and edge trimming device one set 
9) Haul off equipment 1 set 
ten) CZPT reducing device -guillotine 1 set 
eleven) Pneumatic stacker 1 set 
twelve) spare parts: 1set
SHEET Specifications: 
Solution specification: Sheet width: 1000-8000mm, sheet thickness: .five-3mm 
Main CZPT Parameters:

one. one screw extruder
This extruder can be vacuum-fatigued type according to the different resources.
The screw and barrel are specifically created according to distinct components.
Main electrical areas adopts ABB,Omron,RKC,Schneider, Siemens, CZPTtherm, large precision.
Extruder can be Siemens PLC contact display managed.
two. T-tye die head and hydraulic exchanging units
Brand: JC-instances manufacturer
Content: 5CrNiMo, substantial high quality die metal
hydraulic exchanging device is one plate, double situation, non-cease, no leakage, stable overall performance.
three. 3 roller calendar
This calandering technique can be vertical, oblique, horizontal according to the mateial characteristics.
With rollers thermocontoling equipment set up.
The space among three rollers can be adjsuted manually and immediately.
four. Cooling rollers with edge trimming units
cooling rollers can be 4m, 6m, 8m,10m in accordance to items specification and customers’ need to have.
edge cutting device and slitting system can be mounted.
five. Haul off device
6. Twin position coiler: it is suitable for the thin sheet, like .two-2mm
seven. Knife reducing device-guillotine: suitable for beneath 10mm thickness sheet. It can be controlled by motor or hydraulic slicing

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Introduction of HDPE Geomembrane
Geomembrane with impermeable plastic film as a substrate, and non-woven geotextile composite manufactured of impermeable substance, its efficiency relies upon on impervious impermeable plastic movie performance. At current, the application of impermeable plastic movie at residence and overseas, mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE), EVA (ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer), also created to use the tunnel programs ECB (ethylene-vinyl-modified biHangCZPT blend geomembrane), which is a flexible material polymer chemistry, the proportion of modest, sturdy extension, the ability to adapt to high deformation, corrosion resistance, low temperature, frost overall performance.
Main apps
1, HDPE geomembrane for environmental security, sanitation: this kind of as landfills, sewage remedy vegetation, energy crops regulation pool, industrial, medical center and sound squander
2, LDPE impervious membrane appropriate for water assignments: such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs dam seepage, sealing, reinforcement, drainage of seepage, vertical heart wall, slope security, etc
3, HDPE impermeable membrane in municipal operates: subway, underground engineering creating, environmentally friendly roofs, roof yard, sewage pipe seepage
four, polyethylene impermeable membrane appropriate garden: artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs, golf course pond base, slope, eco-friendly lawn water-resistant, etc
5, higher-density polyethylene geomembrane for petrochemicals: chemical vegetation, refineries, tank seepage, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining, and so on
six, polyethylene geomembrane for mining: washing pools, heap leaching pool, the ash area, dissolving tanks, sedimentation tanks, lawn, tailings seepage and other backing
7, minimal density polyethylene film ideal transportation facilities: street foundation reinforcement, culverts impermeable
8, LDPE impervious membrane suitable for agriculture: reservoirs, drinking water tanks, h2o storage pond, irrigation systems seepage
9, HDPE movie suitable aquaculture: intensive, manufacturing unit farming pond, ponds, lined ponds, sea cucumber circle slope, and so on
10, higher-density polyethylene impermeable membrane ideal Salt: salt crystallization pool, brine pool thatch include, salt movie, plastic thatch movie Salt.
Business Data
HangCZPT Leader CZPT Co.,Ltd is an experienced and specialist manufacturer of plastic extruder and extrusion lines for several years. We can produce a variety of equipments, including plastic pipe extrusion strains, plastic profile extrusion strains, plastic sheet/plate extrusion strains and also some recycling and pelletizing equipment and so forth. In accordance to diverse necessity s of each customer, our engineers will supply most specialist mechanical layout and producing, and the complete processing technology to meet up with their special software needs.
Since foundation, we have been devoted to examine and investigation new items, new processing technological innovation to fulfill the updating specifications of the planet, and also we constantly digest and understand from the entire world innovative science technologies and major procedure. We are usually standing organization forward domestically in the plastic-extruder subject as the pioneering representative. With several years of encounter in design and fabrication, we recently created LM series extrusion traces, which recognized the high effectiveness extrusion idea “large precision handle, higher effectiveness production, high good quality production”.
Through CZPT-2008 quality certification, CE certification, SGS certification and GOST certification for Commonwealth of Impartial States, strict pursuing the specifications of contemporary enterprise, the total strengthening and the efficient management of creation, procurement, technology, and soon after sale services. We earn the market by high top quality products and services. At present, merchandise have been exported to the US, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary, UAE, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Libya, Algeria, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and other nations around the world and areas, praised by consumers.

Our Solutions
one. Warranty for equipment: 18months for mechanical parts, 12 months for electrical areas.
two. CZPT provider and help will be permanently.
three. We  will dispatch 4 one-2 engineers from the seller to the buyer’s manufacturing facility for installation and commissioning and training until the buyer’s employees can function the equipment independently.

Element 6 COMPANY Details AND Major Products:


All the device areas will be packed in wood situations or pellets with stretching films on equipment physique.

Component 9 COMPANY OVERSEA Shows


one. PET sheet extrusion device:
Processing material: PET virgin pellets(APET or PETG) in addition flakes Or 100% flakes
Thicknes variety: .2-one.5mm
Web sheet width: 650mm-1500mm(or as per cusotmer’s necessity)
Layer construction: Signle layer or multi-layer
Capability: a hundred and fifty-650kg/h
Application: Thermoforming(cup, bowel, and many others. ), stationery, printing sheet, packaging, etc.
2. PP/PS sheet extrusion machine:
Processing materials: PP/PS virgin pellets additionally recycle materials
Thickness assortment: .15-2mm
Net sheet width: 650mm-720mm-1000mm-1300mm-1500mm(or as for each customer’s need)
Layer construction: Solitary layer or multi-layer
Capacity: 200kg/h-1000kg/h
Software: Thermoforming(cup, bowel, etc. ), stationery, printing sheet, packaging, and many others.
3. Abdominal muscles/HIPS sheet extrusion device:
Processong material: Abs/HIPS virgin pellets in addition recycle materials
Thickness selection: one-6mm
Net Sheet width: 1200mm-1600mm-2100mm(or as for every customer’s need)
Layer Construction: Solitary layer or multi-layer
Ability: three hundred-800kg/h
Application: Vacuum forming, thermoforming, refrigerator inner layer, suitcase, etc.
4. Abs/PMMA sheet extrusion device:
Processing material: Ab muscles/PMMA virgin pellets plus recycle content
Thickness assortment: 1-8mm
Internet sheet width: 1200mm-1600mm-2100mm(or as per customer’s prerequisite)
Layer framework: One layer or multi-layer
Application: Vacuum forming, bathtube, and so on.
five. PE sheet extrusion device:
Processing substance: HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE virgin pellets additionally recycle content
Thickness variety: one-two.5mm, 3-35mm
Net sheet width: 1200mm-1600mm-1800mm-2500mm-3000mm-40000mm-6000mm-8000mm
Layer composition: Solitary layer or multi-layer
Capability: 200kg/h-1200kg/h
Software: Packaging, building, drinking water-evidence, drinking water-drainage, Geomembrane film, and so forth.
six. Pc/GPPS/PMMA sheet extrusion equipment:
Processing content: Computer/GPPS/PMMA virgin pellets furthermore recycle material
Thickness selection: one-12mm
Web sheet witdh: 600mm-1220mm-2100mm(or as per customer’s necessity)
Layer Construction: One layer or multi-layer
Ability: two hundred-600kg/h
Software: Adverts., decoration, roofing, and many others.
7. Computer/PP/PE hollow profile sheet/ CZPT roofing panel machine:
Processing materials: Computer/PP/PE virgin materials in addition recycle material
Thickness assortment: 2mm-4mm-6mm-8mm-10mm-12mm
Web sheet width: 1220mm-2100mm
Layer composition: One layer or multi-layer
Software: Ads. Decoration, roofing, packaging, printing, and so forth.
8. PVC sheet/edge banding sheet/marble sheet equipment:
Processing substance: PVC power additionally other additive
Thickness range: .15-1mm 1-3mm 3-12mm
Internet sheet width: 650mm-2000mm-3000mm( or as for each customer’s demands)
Layer framework: Solitary layer or multi-layer
Ability: 200kg/h-500kg/h
Software: Thermoforming, stationery, printing, payment card, SIM card, building, and many others.
nine. PVC cost-free foam/celuka foam board extrusion line
board width: 1220mm, thickness: 1-10mm, three-25mm
board software: decoration board, advertising boards, exhibition boards
extruder model: SJ-eighty/156 conical twin screw extruder
max capability: 350kg/h
certifications: CE, CZPT-2008
10. EVA auto interior decoration sheet extrusion line
Processing content: EVA and other additives
Thickness assortment: one-8mm
Width assortment: a thousand-1800mm
Layer  strcuture: single layer
Potential: 700-800kg/h
Application: automotive sealing strips, sound insulation cushion, audio absorption sheets,
auto tail box, fenders, vehicle interior and exterior decoration elements and so on.
eleven. PVC+PMMA Glazed roofing tiles/corrugated sheet extrusion machine 
Processing content: PVC, PMMA and other additives
Thickness assortment: one-8mm
Width selection: 720mm, 880mm, 1040mm
Layer construction: A/B, A/B/A, A/B/C
Ability: 400kg/h
Application: backyard garden-style manufacturing facility, vacationer scenic places, pavillions, hotels, family members constructing and so forth.
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1000-8000mm HDPE Plastic Sheet Production Machine